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How to invite someone to be part of your org

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How to invite someone to be part of your org

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Posted: 06-24-21 10:02 AM - Views: 364

By: J T

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If you run a car club or a business and would like your members or customers to be part of your group here on RoadsterDrivers, you can invite them by creating an invitation key and mailing it to all those you would like to join and be part of your org RoadsterDrivers.

There are some great benefits to this including sharing information withg other members, quick communications and notices, let yoiur group know of specials, events, meetings, tour etc ...  All this is managed by you here on RoadsterDrivers. It's a portal to help you and those you know stay engaged. Consider it like a social media site for roadster enthusiasts.

Below is a quick step by step guid on how to get the word out and invite people.

Only administrators of existing Clubs / Orgs or Business listings can invite individuals to join.

  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Navigate to your CLub/Org/Business page .
  • On the left side of the page you will see a section "Invitation codes". 
  • Click on the blue down arrow to open up the panel.
  • You  have several options now.
    1. Click on the barcode icon to open the invitation keys and create one from there including a custom key.
    2. Click on one of the Fast key options to have one created on the fly for you without custom options.
  • You can set the invite keys to expire when you create them.
  • Copy the invite key you created and email it to your members or friends.
  • You have two copy options.
    1. Copy an entire link that you mail to your group of people. All they do is click on the link and sign up.
    2. Copy the key itself and they have to enter it on the sign up page.


Ivite Key Types

The Member key are typically used to invite people or companies that are already a member of your organization.

The Non member key is used to invite people you may know but are not a member of your organization.

The Admin key is typically used to invite a staff member of your organization to join and manage the organization on RoadsterDrivers. Used this for people you trust to manage your org.