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New Bumpers for the TR6

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New Bumpers for the TR6

Category: Trim an Body

Posted: 07-2-21 6:45 PM - Views: 854

By: J T

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I was getting tired of the old bumpers with surface rust, pitting and those horrible black rubber over-riders. 

Looked into having the original rechromed but they wanted 800.00 per bumper. So, I found these polished stainles steel bumpers from Group Harrington


Ordered them, they shipped on a Monday from Vietnam and arrived Fri.  I must say, I was a bit skeptical when I first ordered them but after recieving them I can tell you they are very nicelt finished. Everything fit just right and no mods had to be made. However, there were only two items of minor concern and not a big deal.

The holes for the rear name plate are not perfectly aligned. I could only get 2 of the 3 screws that hold it in place. No big deal its just a decorative plate.

The other concer was the steel plate that attaches the front bumper to the frame was substaially thinnner than the original. See pictures.

Besides that, I am a happy camper. Kudos to GroupHarrington. Highly recommend them!

By the way, I specifically asked that they have no holes for the over-riders or the front plate holder.




Here you can see the difference in the thickness of the plat on the bumper that attaches to the frame.


New Bumper





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