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Normal reading on temperature gauge

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Normal reading on temperature gauge

Category: Triumph

Posted: 07-15-21 9:35 PM - Views: 481

By: J T

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I had a 160 degree thermostat on my car that kept the needle on the gauge between 1/4 and the 1/2 mark. On these hot days, it crept up regularly and when i would turn the car off and turn it back on a few minutes later it would be way past the 1/2 way point nearly at 3/4 before coming back down,

I always liked the look of the aluminum radiators and Moss had one in stock so I purchased it. The bad thing, its made in China and that really disappoints me since the US made one was 4 to 6 weeks out due to scheduling. None the less, I installed it along with a 180 thermostat and the gauge now consistently reads smack center.

Is this too hot? Should I put the 160 back?

I did use my IR thermometer and measure the block and head temperatures all over the place. The highest I could find near the rear of the block to the right of the fuel pump was 186. everything else was below 176.

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